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Transform Your Space: Clever DIY Projects to Hide Apartment Eyesores

Transform Your Space: Clever DIY Projects to Hide Apartment Eyesores

Transform Your Space: Clever DIY Projects to Hide Apartment Eyesores


Living in an apartment, especially in a vibrant location like Fort Myers, FL, comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is dealing with the inevitable "eyesores" that can come with rented spaces. These can range from unsightly cables, to old radiators, and anything in between. However, with a bit of creativity and some DIY spirit, you can transform these nuisances into features or hide them altogether, making your apartment feel more like your own personal oasis.


1. Cable Management Tricks

One of the most common eyesores in any home is the tangle of cables and wires sprawling across the floor or hanging off entertainment centers. To remedy this, consider a DIY cable management system. Use adhesive hooks positioned behind desks or media stands to neatly guide cables out of sight. For a more creative approach, turn cables into wall art by shaping them into designs or words and securing them with clips that match your wall color.

2. Radiator Covers That Charm

Old, clunky radiators are a staple in many apartments in Fort Myers, FL. While they're essential, they’re not always the most visually appealing. Create a custom radiator cover that not only hides the radiator but also adds to your décor. Use a lightweight material like MDF to build a cover, ensuring there’s adequate ventilation. Paint it to match your walls or add a pop of color to make it stand out as a feature piece.

3. Disguising Old Flooring

Rented apartments often come with flooring that shows its age or simply doesn’t fit your style. Large area rugs are a perfect solution for covering unsightly floors and adding warmth and texture to your space. For a more unique approach, consider using interlocking foam tiles designed for kids' play areas. They come in various finishes, like faux wood, and can be a temporary and affordable solution to hide less-than-perfect flooring.

4. Temporary Wallpaper Wonders

If your apartment walls are marked or painted in a color you're not fond of, temporary wallpaper can be a game-changer. Available in countless designs and colors, it's an excellent way to add personality without the permanence or the need for paint. Choose a bold pattern to create an accent wall or a subtle design for a more understated elegance.

5. Hide the Unsightly with Fabric

Fabric offers a simple yet effective solution for covering almost anything, from storage units to less-than-pretty appliances. Use tension rods to hang curtains in front of open storage areas or under sinks. Consider covering a dated fridge with removable adhesive vinyl for a fresh, modern look.

6. DIY Storage Solutions

Storage can be a significant issue in apartments, leading to clutter that detracts from your space's overall aesthetic. Build or repurpose items into storage solutions that fit your needs and style. Old crates can be stained and hung as open shelving, offering both function and visual appeal. Use decorative boxes or baskets to hide everyday clutter like remotes, magazines, and cables.

7. Upcycled Furniture for a Custom Look

Sometimes the pieces you need to hide apartment eyesores can be found in your own home or at a local thrift store. Upcycle old furniture to serve new purposes. An old ladder can become a chic bookshelf, or a vintage trunk can serve as both a coffee table and storage solution. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

8. Strategic Plant Placement

Plants are not only great for purifying the air and adding life to your space, but they can also be used strategically to hide eyesores. Use larger plants like fiddle leaf figs or palms to conceal cords, routers, or other small appliances. Smaller plants can be placed on shelves or tables to distract from less appealing views.


Incorporating these DIY projects into your apartment décor not only helps hide common eyesores but also allows you to personalize your space, making it truly feel like home. And if you're in the market for a new apartment in Fort Myers, FL, where you can put all these creative ideas to use, don't hesitate to contact The Robert Apartments for a personal tour. Our welcoming community might just be the perfect canvas for your DIY aspirations.

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