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The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Art Above Your Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Art Above Your Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Art Above Your Bed


Decorating your personal oasis isn't just about finding a piece of furniture to fill a space; it's about curating an environment that echoes your personality and offers a visual retreat. For those inlanders enjoying the gulf life in Fort Myers, FL, your search for the perfect apartment is over – we’re about to turn your four walls into a masterpiece echoing the beauty of coastal Florida.

Whether it's a vibrant seascape, a collection of aerial shells, or the diverse flora of the Edison Ford Estates, Fort Myers offers an artist's pallet of inspiration for any aficionado looking to up their aesthetic game in the bedroom. This inbound blog will explore creative ways to hang art above your bed, transforming your sleeping quarters from mundane to museum-like, ensuring that every morning you wake up to a snapshot of your Serengeti.

Without further ado, here are the top tips for harnessing the power of art to elevate your bedroom design game, Fort Myers-style.


1. Craftsman Coziness with Vintage Paddles

For the coastal craftsman, a classic vintage paddle repurposed as a headboard is a nod to Fort Myers' historic boating culture. It not only adds a touch of nautical nostalgia but also introduces an interesting texture and form to the space. Pair this with a sepia-toned photograph of Sanibel's lighthouse wrapped in a weathered frame for that timeless 'island life' ambiance.

2. Modern Minimalism with Oversized Abstracts

Contemporary art enthusiasts will love the bold statement of an oversized abstract canvas. When art becomes the focal point, it’s best to keep the details simple. For a modern, minimalist approach, utilize small-scale, low-profile lighting, and refrain from cluttering the space. This design technique creates a fluid, relaxing environment that's perfect for a bedroom retreat.

3. Eclectic Elegance with a Gallery Wall

Mix and match your favorite Fort Myers ephemera – think vintage postcards of the city's original pier, foraged coral sketches, and intricate egret drawings – to create an eclectic yet elegant gallery wall. The key is to keep the frames consistent in color or style for cohesion while offering a variety of sizes and styles for visual interest. This approach allows you to showcase your diverse tastes without overwhelming the space.

4. Bohemian Beach Vibes with Macramé Weaves

If you're drawn to the bohemian beach lifestyle, a hand-crafted macramé piece can be a unique and textural stand-in for a traditional headboard. Its intricate weave complements the natural patterns found in the coastal environment. A sea-life inspired print, such as a school of fish or a coral garden, ties the theme together for a relaxed, beachy feel.

5. Romantic Retreat with a Canopy and Curated Tapestries

For those seeking a romantic, intimate space, consider a gauzy canopy above your bed. Adorn it with a few selected tapestries evoking the canopied roads of Fort Myers in full bloom. These could range from delicate watercolor paintings to intricately woven textiles, offering warmth and softness to the room's aesthetic.

6. Victorian Vintage with Gilded Frames and Soft Photos

Bringing a touch of the past into the present, homeowners can select gilded frames that ooze Victorian opulence. These can be paired with soft, ethereal photographs of Fort Myers’ moss-draped oak trees, capturing the timeless whispers of the region’s history. The contrast of the heavy, decorative frames against light, dreamy photographs creates a sense of balance that suits the classic Victorian style.

7. Tropical Splendor with Statement Murals

If you find your pleasure in the tropical splendor of Fort Myers, opt for a statement mural that depicts the region's lush flora and fauna. It could be a rainforest-inspired piece, complete with native birds and foliage, or a dewy mangrove scene showcasing the area's unique ecosystem. A bold, colorful mural becomes a dramatic backdrop and instant conversation piece for residents and visitors alike.

8. Spirit of Adventure with Vintage Maps and Mounted Artifacts

For the adventurers at heart, an assemblage of vintage maps and mounted artifacts tells a multifaceted story of exploration and discovery. Set under glass or encased in shadow boxes, these treasures can include everything from old maps of the Calusa tribe’s lands to fossilized shells and artifacts from the region's past, giving your space the aura of a private cabinet of curiosities.

9. Coastal Whimsy with Hanging Driftwood and Marine Life Sculptures

The whimsical at heart can create a seascape fantasy with silhouettes of hanging driftwood and marine sculptures. Pair these with art that depicts the underwater galaxy of Fort Myers’ crystal clear seas – vibrant, lifelike murals of dolphins or the elusive manatee. The interplay of 3-dimensional objects and vivid paintings adds depth and character to the room.

10. Zen Tranquility with Textile Art and Earthy Tones

For those who find solace in the Zen tranquility of nature, consider textile art such as espadrilles or batiks featuring calming patterns and earthy tones. A simple, sinuous piece of driftwood can serve as a serene headboard, and when combined with abstract nature art – a serene botanical print or a barely-there horizon – creates a meditative atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding.

11. Art Deco Sophistication with Glimmering Mirrors

Channeling the elegance of Gatsby-era Fort Myers, select glimmering mirrors to create an Art Deco impact. Symmetry is key here; flanking the bed with identical mirrors or sconces reflects light and adds visual breadth, making the room appear larger. Complement these with geometric, high-contrast photographs or paintings for an opulent yet contemporary feel.

12. Artisanal Excellence with Original Sculptures and Hand-Crafted Designs

Finally, for the connoisseur of artisanal excellence, nothing imparts personal flair quite like original sculptures and hand-crafted designs. Seek out Fort Myers' local artists, whose pieces can offer a direct and authentic connection to the city's vibrant cultural scene. A kinetic mobile above the bed, created by a local sculpture, in harmony with a hand-thrown pottery collection, can transform your bedroom into a true work of art.

Hanging art above your bed is an opportunity to express your passions and pay homage to the place you call home. Fort Myers, with its rich and varied cultural tapestry, presents a myriad of artistic possibilities. By crafting a personalized art installation, you infuse your living space with your own unique story, providing a sanctuary for the senses.

Remember, your bedroom art should be a reflection of your tastes and experiences, nurturing a space that is not only visually stimulating but also deeply personal. Happy decorating, Fort Myers – may your art always light your dreams!

For those seeking the perfect backdrop for their creative bedroom design, Fort Myers, FL plays muse to a thousand and one possibilities. If you're in the market for the ideal canvas to showcase your personalized artistry in home decor, look no further than the endless horizons of The Robert Apartments. Their modern yet inviting spaces are the perfect starting point for every art-inspired venture. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, contact The Robert Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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