Packing and Planning Tips for Your Apartment Move

Packing and Planning Tips for Your Apartment Move

Packing and Planning Tips for Your Apartment Move


Moving to a new apartment can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you're relocating across town or to a new city like Fort Myers, FL, the process requires careful planning and organization to ensure a smooth transition. In this blog post, we'll share essential packing and planning tips to help you with your move. If you're searching for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, consider contacting The Robert Apartments today to schedule a personal tour of our available units.


Why Choose Fort Myers, FL?

Before we dive into the packing and planning tips, let's take a moment to appreciate why Fort Myers, FL is an excellent place to call home. Known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant downtown area, and rich history, Fort Myers offers a high quality of life with plenty of recreational activities, dining options, and cultural attractions. It's no wonder many people are looking for apartments for rent in this charming city.

Start Early and Create a Moving Timeline

One of the most critical aspects of a successful move is starting early. Creating a moving timeline will help you stay organized and ensure you complete all necessary tasks before moving day. Here's a suggested timeline:

8 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Research moving companies and get quotes.
  • Notify your current landlord or property manager of your move.
  • Start decluttering and organizing your belongings.

6 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Create a packing plan and gather packing supplies.
  • Begin packing items you don't use daily, such as seasonal clothing and decorations.
  • Schedule utility disconnections and connections for your new apartment.

4 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Confirm moving details with your chosen moving company.
  • Continue packing and label boxes with their contents and destination rooms.
  • Notify important parties of your change of address, such as your employer, bank, and postal service.

2 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Pack essential items you'll need immediately upon arrival.
  • Arrange for pet care or childcare on moving day, if necessary.
  • Clean your current apartment and prepare it for the final walkthrough.

Moving Week:

  • Finish packing and double-check all boxes are labeled correctly.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Collect all keys, garage door openers, and important documents.

Declutter and Organize

Decluttering before your move is an excellent way to reduce the number of items you need to pack and transport. Go through each room and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or discard. Here are some tips for effective decluttering:


  • Donate clothes you haven't worn in the past year.
  • Sell gently used items online or at a consignment store.
  • Discard items that are damaged or no longer fit.

Kitchen Items:

  • Donate duplicate kitchen gadgets and appliances.
  • Discard expired pantry items and spices.
  • Pack rarely used items first and keep daily essentials accessible.

Furniture and Decor:

  • Sell or donate furniture that won't fit in your new apartment.
  • Discard broken or outdated decor items.
  • Pack fragile items with care and label boxes as "fragile."

Gather Packing Supplies

Having the right packing supplies is crucial for protecting your belongings during the move. Here's a list of essential packing materials:

  • Sturdy moving boxes in various sizes
  • Packing tape and dispensers
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper
  • Furniture blankets and padding
  • Stretch wrap for securing furniture
  • Permanent markers for labeling boxes
  • Ziploc bags for small items and hardware

Pack Strategically

Packing efficiently can save you time and stress on moving day. Here are some strategies to consider:

Room-by-Room Packing:

  • Pack one room at a time to stay organized.
  • Label each box with its contents and destination room.
  • Use color-coded labels or stickers for easy identification.

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes:

  • Avoid overloading large boxes with heavy items.
  • Use small boxes for books, tools, and other heavy objects.
  • Fill empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting.

Protect Fragile Items:

  • Wrap fragile items individually with bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Use dish pack boxes with dividers for glassware and dishes.
  • Label boxes containing fragile items as "fragile" and indicate which side is up.

Pack an Essentials Box:

  • Pack a box with items you'll need immediately upon arrival, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, and basic kitchen supplies.
  • Keep this box easily accessible during the move.

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers can make your move to Fort Myers, FL much more manageable. Do your research and choose a reputable moving company with positive reviews. Here are some tips for working with professional movers:

Get Multiple Quotes:

  • Obtain quotes from at least three different moving companies.
  • Compare pricing, services offered, and customer reviews.

Confirm Details:

  • Confirm the moving date, time, and any special requirements with the moving company.
  • Ask about insurance coverage for your belongings during the move.

Be Prepared on Moving Day:

  • Have all boxes packed and ready to go before the movers arrive.
  • Provide clear instructions on where each box should go in your new apartment.
  • Offer refreshments for the movers as a gesture of appreciation.

Set Up Utilities and Change Address

To ensure a smooth transition to your new apartment, make sure to set up utilities and update your address before moving day. Here are some steps to take:


  • Contact utility providers to schedule disconnections at your current apartment and connections at your new apartment.
  • Set up services for electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable.

Change of Address:

  • Notify the postal service of your new address to forward mail.
  • Update your address with banks, credit card companies, and subscription services.
  • Inform friends, family, and employers of your new address.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

Once you've settled into your new apartment in Fort Myers, FL, take some time to explore your new neighborhood. Here are some ways to get acquainted with your new surroundings:

Local Amenities:

  • Visit nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential services.
  • Check out local parks, gyms, and recreational facilities.

Dining and Entertainment:

  • Discover new favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Explore cultural attractions, such as museums, theaters, and art galleries.

Meet Your Neighbors:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors and join community events.
  • Join local social media groups or forums to stay connected with the community.


Moving to a new apartment doesn't have to be stressful. With careful planning and organization, you can make your move to Fort Myers, FL a smooth and enjoyable experience. Remember, if you're looking for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, contact The Robert Apartments today to schedule a personal tour. We look forward to welcoming you to your new home!

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