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Top Floor or Ground Floor: Which Apartment is Best for You?

Top Floor or Ground Floor: Which Apartment is Best for You?

Top Floor or Ground Floor: Which Apartment is Best for You?


When you are searching for an apartment, you are presented with two options: a top floor or ground floor apartment. Each option presents its own unique benefits and drawbacks. As you start to weigh your decision, it is important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and future plans. Here we’ll explore the pros and cons of each floor option to help you come to a decision.


1. Privacy and Noise

One of the significant advantages of choosing a top floor apartment is added privacy, security, and peace of mind. There are no tenants above you; therefore, you can minimize noise disruptions from upstairs neighbors. In contrast, ground floor apartments are prone to excess foot traffic, and neighbors can make noise from many different activities. If you value privacy, you will have a better experience with a top floor unit. 

2. Availability

Ground floor apartments are popular among families, seniors, and pet owners since they are more accessible. According to some statistics, ground floor apartments are 10% more expensive than their top-floor counterparts. If you are stretching your budget, then you might want to consider a top floor apartment. They are less expensive and have smaller demand for renting. 

3. Views and Light

Top floor apartments offer beautiful views and natural light. You will be able to have stunning views of the city skyline, stars, and nature. If you love natural light, sunsets, or simply wish for a beautiful view, then a top-floor apartment is the right choice. Ground floor units tend to be darker and do not get as much natural light as the top floor. You might even need to put in extra effort with lighting and decor to brighten up your ground floor unit.

4. Accessibility

In most cases, ground floor units are more accessible for people with disabilities or who have difficulty climbing stairs. Apartments on the ground floor are perfect for individuals with children, senior citizens or those who have physical limitations. But it is worth noting that lower-level apartments can be more vulnerable to security risks and can increase the chance of theft or break-ins.

5. Safety

 Top Floor apartments are less vulnerable to burglary and theft risks since they are out of reach of burglars and intruders. In contrast, ground floor units can be easily accessible to thieves, intruders, or any stranger. If security is a significant concern, then a top floor apartment is an excellent choice. 



Choosing between a top floor or ground floor apartment depends on your lifestyle and priorities. Assess your preferences, budget, and long-term plans. While a ground floor apartment may be perfect for you today, it may not be the best five years from now. Take your time and explore all options before making a decision. Now that you have all the information, you will be better equipped to make the right decision. If you are searching for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, The Robert Apartments offers both top floor and ground floor units. We welcome you and invite you to contact us to schedule a tour and see your options for yourself.

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