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Small Apartment Balcony Ideas With Big Style

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas With Big Style

Small Apartment Balcony Ideas With Big Style

Living in a small apartment doesn't mean you have to compromise on style or charm. Small balconies provide excellent space for fun design ideas to enhance your outdoor space and create a cozy spot that will allow you to enjoy the warm weather while still enjoying a little privacy. From plants and greenery to seating ideas, the possibilities are endless to transform your small balcony into a stylish paradise. In this blog, we will provide some small apartment balcony ideas with big style that will make your balcony a perfect spot for relaxation.

1. Get your hands dirty with some plants

No outdoor space is complete without beautiful lush greenery. Adding potted plants and flowers adds dimension and colour to your balcony that is eye-catching and inviting to passers-by. Some balcony-friendly plants include herbs, palms, and succulents, and they can all add plenty of visual appeal without taking up too much valuable space.

2. Comfortable seating space

Creating a comfortable seating area on your balcony can encourage you to spend more time outside, even if you live in a high-rise apartment. You can choose to add a small sofa, outdoor chair, or a bench to create a beautiful outdoor relaxation spot. Adding bright-colored seat cushions to the furniture can give life to the area and add elegance to the balcony's style.

3. Outdoor rug

Adding outdoor rugs to your balcony adds a cozy and stylish edge. Outdoor rugs are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and patterns and can be found in most home decor stores. The rug not only sets the tone for your outdoor space, but it also defines different conversation areas.

4. Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is essential if you plan to spend evenings on your balcony. Apart from being a beautiful decorative piece, it also plays a significant role in adding a soft and relaxing ambiance to space. String lights or lanterns can help create a cozy atmosphere, with light strands hung above the balcony to provide a romantic glow.

5. Wall Decor

Your small balcony provides a decorative canvas to fine-tune your decor skills. Wall art is an excellent way to add more personality to your balcony. Hanging paintings, wall sculptures, and murals are examples of wall decor that can give life to your balcony space.



In conclusion, small space living forces you to embrace creative solutions when you want to decorate your indoor and outdoor space. With these small apartment balcony ideas, you can turn a drab space into a magnificent outdoor paradise that combines style and comfort. Get creative, grab some inspiration, and start planning your balcony makeover. If you're looking for apartments in Fort Myers, FL, and want to explore balcony options, contact The Robert Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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