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How to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

How to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

How to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

As a pet owner, we all know that their fur is inevitable. No matter how much one tries to keep their home clean and tidy, pet hair and fur always seem to find their way onto our floors, furniture and clothing. Not only can the sight of dog or cat hair be unsightly, but it can also be harmful to those who may have an allergy towards it. However, fret not! We’ve got some tips on how to keep your home fur-free that is easy and practical to follow.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

One way of preventing fur from spreading throughout your home is by regularly brushing your pet. Depending on their fur type, pets should be brushed at least once or twice weekly. Brushing them not only helps to remove excess hair but also helps to distribute their natural oils, which can help prevent them from shedding excessively.

invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Having a good vacuum cleaner that is tailored specifically towards pet hair is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your home fur-free. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction and HEPA filtration is essential for pet owners as it ensures that fur and dander are effectively collected and trapped. One should also consider vacuuming often, especially in areas where your pet spends the most of their time.

Use Pet Bedding and Covers

Another tip to keep your home fur-free is to use pet bedding and covers. By assigning an area for your pet such as a designated pet bed, it automatically reduces the amount of fur spreading throughout your home. Additionally, using pet covers on furniture such as sofas or chairs can also prevent pet hair from sticking onto them.

Grooming Services

Regular grooming sessions will help to keep your pet’s fur in check. If you find that you are too busy to do so or it has become too much to handle, why not consider seeking out mobile pet grooming services? There are many benefits of mobile pet grooming such as having a stress-free experience for your pet and also avoiding the hassle of having to transport your pet to and back from a grooming salon.

Keep a Clean Home

It goes without saying that keeping a clean home is the key to keeping it fur-free. Regular areas such as floors, carpets, and furniture should be cleaned and wiped down often. Additionally, vents and air filters should also be regularly checked and cleaned to ensure that the air quality in your home is clean and free from pet dander and fur.



Keeping your home fur-free might seem impossible at times, but with these tips in mind and a little bit of effort, it is achievable. Whether it’s investing in a good vacuum cleaner, seeking out mobile pet grooming services, or simply regularly cleaning your home, the end result will be a clean and fur-free home. Remember, it’s all about consistency and regular maintenance when it comes to keeping your home fur-free. And, if you're looking for mobile grooming services, Emi Pet offers reliable and professional services to help you keep your pet healthy and looking great. Contact Emi Pet today to book an appointment.

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