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Apartment Lighting Ideas for Every Room

Apartment Lighting Ideas for Every Room

Apartment Lighting Ideas for Every Room


Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. One of the most important aspects of interior design is lighting. The right lighting can make a space feel inviting and cozy, while poor lighting can make it feel dull and uninviting. For those who are moving to Fort Myers, FL, here are some great apartment lighting ideas for every room in your new home.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

When considering living room lighting ideas, you want to focus on creating layered lighting that combines ambient light with task light and accent light. Ambient lighting provides general illumination throughout the entire space and should be the primary source of light in the room. This could include ceiling lights or wall sconces. Task lights provide focused light for activities such as reading or playing games. Table lamps work well for this purpose. Finally, accent lights are used to highlight features in the living room such as artwork or furniture pieces. Track lights work well for this purpose since they allow you to adjust the angle of the light to best highlight certain elements in the room.


Kitchen Lighting Ideas

In a kitchen, you want to ensure there is plenty of overhead task lighting so that you can easily see what you’re cooking without having harsh shadows cast across your workspace. Pendant lights over an island or sink area are great options here since they provide ample task lighting while also adding a decorative touch to your kitchen design. If you have cabinetry with open shelves or display areas, consider adding LED strip lights under each shelf which will add ambient light and create a beautiful effect when lit up at night.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be lit accordingly! Recessed LED downlights provide bright overhead illumination while still offering a soft glow that won’t hurt your eyes if you get up during the night to use the bathroom or check on something downstairs. For bedside reading lamps, look for adjustable ones so that you can move them around depending on where you’re sitting in bed—this will help reduce eye strain from looking up at a lamp that is too high or down at one that is too low! Lastly, wall sconces are also great additions since they offer both ambient illumination as well as task-specific directional light if needed (such as when getting dressed).


Apartment lighting ideas should always keep functionality top-of-mind but don't forget about style either! Remember to layer different types of lights (ambient/task/accent) throughout each room in order to create an inviting atmosphere without compromising visibility or safety--especially important when it comes to navigating tight hallways or stairs! Whether looking for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL or elsewhere, these tips should help create warm and inviting spaces in any home! 

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