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Storm Safety Tips

Storm Safety Tips

Storm Safety Tips

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the world. Florida experiences sunshine 230 days out of the year, but when it storms, the lightning can become severe. Apartments in Fort Myers, FL, can offer excellent safety for these severe storms. Here are some tips for storm preparations.

Lightning Safety

Since lightning is so severe in Florida, let’s cover safety tips specific to lightning first. Lightning can be scary and bright. People with epilepsy or other seizure disorders are especially at risk for increasing chances of a seizure occurring during a lightning storm. If you are with someone who is experiencing a seizure, lay them on their side to prevent choking. Then, time the seizure, keep their head safe, and never stick anything into their mouths. The sudden brightness of lightning may cause seizures to occur. Other safety tips when it comes to lightning is, get in the car. When in the car, don’t touch anything connected to the frame of the vehicle. A vehicle’s frame is made of metal, meaning if lightning hits it, it will be a conductor of electricity. However, being inside the car is safer than being out of the vehicle. Avoid standing under trees or other tall objects as lightning strikes the tallest object typically in an area and moves towards the ground.

Weather Updates

Now to cover your very first step of safety; being prepared. Before the storm even hits, there are certain precautions you can already be taking. One of the first is signing up by text or email for weather updates. Many local news stations also have apps for Android and Apple phones to keep you continuously updated on the weather. These updates will be beneficial for preparing your next step when you have a severe storm headed your way.

Practice a Safety Plan

You can prepare your apartment for even the worst of storms. Have a safety plan for inside and outside the home should you ever need to use it. Be sure all members of the family know the safety plan exceptionally well and will be able to follow it quickly and meticulously. The plan should be easy enough for even the youngest member of the family to be able to follow and understand. When practicing your safety plan, bring your pets along. Involving them in practices will help calm them in an emergency.

As you can see, there are precautions that you can take to make your time in Florida the best it can be. While storms can be severe in Florida, most of the time, Fort Myers, FL is a beautiful place to live with many more days of sun than stormy weather. Apartments in Fort Myers, FL, are a beautiful, fun, and exciting place to live and be safe from the occasional storm. Renting an apartment in a sturdy building helps to keep you safe and dry.

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