Hosting a Fundraiser When Your Apartment is Too Small

Hosting a Fundraiser When Your Apartment is Too Small

Hosting a Fundraiser When Your Apartment is Too Small

When you're placed in charge of a major fundraising event at work or through an association you support, a lot of stress is put on your shoulders to carry off the gathering without a hitch. And if you live in an apartment, that's rather inconceivable to do in your own space. That doesn't mean you should pass off the undertaking, though. There are still lots of options for fundraising affairs outside of your dwelling, and they'll rake in just as much cash for a cause close to your heart as if you host yourself. Experts from our apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, gathered a list of the most innovative fundraising as a guide for your next charitable bash:

Art show

Does your city have a funky art gallery or a whole pack of them? Then you have an option to hold your fundraising event in an extraordinary public space. Host a memorable art show at a generous gallery, and feel free to get inventive with what's on display. For example, if you're hosting a show to raise capital for your child's preschool, you could hang the kids' artwork and have their families bid on the pieces. Of course, if you can locate local artists willing to contribute to the cause, you can also sell more skilled masterpieces to attendees.

Wine tasting

If you're fortunate enough to live in the same village as a vineyard or winery, a wine tasting may be just the ticket for your fundraising affair. Again, regional and independent businesses will likely be most excited about joining in for the cause since it offers their company more visibility in the neighborhood. Attract people to your event with wine and cheese and watch the contributions roll in. If the winery can throw in a sommelier to assist in the wine tasting, even better.

Night at the park

Local parks and other public areas are often available for affairs, whether it be a family reunion or an open-air fundraiser. Contemplate reserving a large pavilion or an entire park (if possible) to host your occasion. Small, independent companies in your town may be willing to host, too, if it implies bringing their yoga studio or boutique some free advertising. There's no better way to find out than just asking around.

Dinner out

Many chain eateries already have agendas in place for fundraisers. If you can find one nearby that will let volunteers stand in for waitpeople, your charity could raise up to 20% of the proceeds that your makeshift wait staff produced for the eatery. If you can make an agreement with a local independent restaurant, you could take home even more of the funds for your cause.

Happy hour

Throwing a delightful happy hour affair at a local bar is a great way to drum up some contributions to your favorite cause. Having your event conveniently located where it's easy for people to glide in and out after work increases the chances of more residents showing up—and promising spirits don't hurt, either.

Consider these options for your next fundraiser. And contact us today if you are interested in apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL. We are here for you!

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