Five Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Five Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Five Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Apartments offer many benefits to their tenants, including amenities, security, and low maintenance. Apartments, however, do not always offer the ability to add space to your unit. When you live in our apartments in Fort Myers, FL, you can live in a spacious and luxurious unit, but you still might want to make some changes to add your personality and style. When you are designing your apartment decoration, you should consider these tips to make small bedroom spaces appear even larger than they actually are.

Use Light Colors

Lighter colors reflect the light, which makes them seem brighter and fresher. When you are decorating your bedroom, you should choose lighter colors. Look for a white bedspread and pillows, since those are large parts of the bedroom area. When you use lighter colors, like whites and pastels, you give the room a much brighter color scheme that makes it seem roomy.

Stay Minimal

In order to make the room seem larger, you should avoid cluttering the floors and surfaces with many different belongings. Stick to a minimalist style to avoid any excess. Excessive décor can actually make the space seem more claustrophobic. Choose to keep only important or essential belongings on the surfaces by keeping them clear of anything you do not actually use each day.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors can also make a room feel larger than it truly is. By adding a reflective surface, you will be able to give off the impression of depth in your space. Mirrors also double as functional décor, giving you a place to get ready and choose your outfit each day. Consider adding a mirror that stretches from the floor to the ceiling to add the impression of both depth and height to your space.

Use Hidden Storage

Invest in storage solutions that are already built into your bedroom furniture. Nightstands and dressers add functional storage to your space without taking up too much space. Also, consider under-the-bed, hidden storage to keep bulky items that you do not have room for elsewhere. When you invest in these storage solutions, you can make sure that the room feels roomier without extra clutter.

Get Window Coverings

Hang curtains along the windows to add more depth and texture to your bedroom. When you want your room to appear bigger, you should hang the curtain rods much higher than the top of the window itself. This will give the illusion that your ceilings are much higher than they are, which will make your room appear larger in size.

By adding these style elements into your small bedroom, you can make the space seem much larger. When you live in apartments in Fort Myers, FL, you want all of your spaces to seem larger than they truly are to give yourself the appearance of space. By keeping your apartment comfortable and clean, you can enjoy calling it home.

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