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7 Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

7 Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

7 Tips for a Perfect Beach Day

There is not much more fun than a day at the beach. Just make sure you come prepared. A day by the water is not always idyllic, with the potential for chilly breezes, scorching sun, or annoying bugs. Still, with these tips from our experts at apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, you can make the best of any situation you encounter.

Find Shade

What is better than a beach umbrella for a shady escape on the beach? A pop-up tent. Search for a version with mesh window screens to let the breeze flow through and blow away those annoying black flies. There are plenty of options available from retailers to fit every size and budget.

Bring plenty of towels

One towel per person would be ideal for your day on the beach in a perfect world. But in reality, you will probably need a couple of towels for each family member, one for drying off and one for sitting on when the sand is too hot or the ground gets too soggy. Two towels a piece might seem like overkill, but trust us, you will wish you had them if you don't bring them along.

Buy the right sunscreen

Keeping your family safe from sunburns and sun poisoning is a top priority. Keep infants six months and under out of the sun completely. Look for water-resistant options that are SPF 50 or greater for optimal protection for everyone else. The Florida sun gets hot and will reflect off the water, so make sure you are protected. There is nothing worse than trying to get comfortable at night when your skin is red as a lobster, or you are covered in blisters.

Bring a big mesh bag

Keeping beach toys like action figures, shovels, plastic pails, and more in a traditional canvas bag can prevent them from drying properly, leading to mildew. Instead, invest in a laundry-style mesh bag that keeps the toys in and allows sand and water to filter out during your long walk from the beach to the car.

Don’t forget the sheets

Use an old queen or king-size sheet for your trip to the beach. It may not be waterproof or sand proof, but if you get hit with one of Florida's random thunderstorms, you can gather the four corners into a makeshift bag and haul everything to your vehicle quickly and easily. This will make your beach day much easier and more convenient.

Be prepared to fight the bugs

Bugs will be a problem on a breeze-free day at the beach. Keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes with a good insect repellant. There are many options available at local retailers to fit your needs and budget. Don’t let the beach bugs take a bite out of your fun.

Dress in layers

Early mornings on the beach can be a bit chilly, even in the south in July, though mid-afternoon will probably feel more like you have been walking through the desert. Sometimes, a breeze comes around in the afternoon, leaving you cold and wet. Be sure to come prepared in easy-to-manage layers to enjoy your time at the beach without complaints.

Use these tips to have a wonderful day at the beach. And when you need apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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