6 Tips for Keeping Sand at the Beach and Not Your Apartment

6 Tips for Keeping Sand at the Beach and Not Your Apartment

6 Tips for Keeping Sand at the Beach and Not Your Apartment

A day at Fort Myers’ beaches means fun in the sun…and sand. But, nobody likes to leave a day at the beach covered in sand. And when your belongings are covered in sand, it will hitch a ride and make it back to your apartment. Though leaving the beach entirely sand-free is impossible, you can limit the amount that you carry home with you. Experts at our apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, recommend these tips for leaving the sand at the beach instead of taking it back to your place.

Buy a mesh bag

It is wise to pick up a big mesh bag for your trips to the beach. Your stuff will collect sand while at the beach no matter how hard you try to avoid it. A mesh bag will let the sand fall through the bag and back onto the beach on your walk back to the car. Then when you get to your vehicle, give the bag a vigorous shake before you put it in your trunk to let any loose grains of sand fall from it.

Bring a chair

 Sitting on chairs instead of towels can help you avoid dragging sand back to your apartment. You can dip your chair in the water before heading home to remove excess sand. On the other hand, wet towels will get heavy and collect sand. Instead of sitting on your towels, only use them to warm up or dry off. Don't forget to wash your chair with clean water when you get back home to avoid the corrosion saltwater is known to cause.

Wear your flip flops

Wear open-toed shoes or flip-flops for trips to the beach. Closed-toed shoes and sneakers will fill up with extra sand because they do not allow it to fall out freely while you are walking. On the other hand, flip-flops and open-toed shoes let sand stay on the beach.

Take a dip

Before you head back to your apartment, take a quick plunge in the water to loosen and remove any excess sand in your suit. When you head back to shore, swim back in calmer water. Waves will stir up the loose sand and get you all gritty again.

Have a rinse

After heading back across the beach toward your car, find a beachside shower for a final rinse. This is also a great time to rinse off your buckets and toys before putting them in the car. Of course, rinsing all your stuff may not be fun after a long day in the sun, but the less sand you drag home, the less cleaning you will have to do at your apartment.

Powder up

Keep a bottle of baby powder on hand for those trips to the beach. Sprinkle it on your feet and hands to help remove any remaining sand before you get in the car to head home.

Use these 6 tips to keep the sand at the beach instead of dragging it back to your apartment. And if you are looking for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, call us today to schedule your tour. We want to help you find your next home.

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