5 Easy Cleaning Jobs You Might Forget in Your Apartment

5 Easy Cleaning Jobs You Might Forget in Your Apartment

5 Easy Cleaning Jobs You Might Forget in Your Apartment

Cleaning day may not be your favorite day, but it can leave your apartment feeling like a brand new place. While you clean your apartments in Fort Myers, FL, you want to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect every surface and room. As you clean, you want to make sure that you don’t miss these important cleaning jobs.

Wipe Windows and Mirrors

Many people may not realize how much the glass on their window smudges over time. Although you may feel like you never touch your windows, you’d be surprised how dirty they can get. The same thing goes for mirrors in your bathroom or bedroom. Use glass cleaner to quickly wipe all these surfaces and leave them looking good as new.

Clean Window Ledges

It can be easy to push off cleaning your windows and window ledges. When you have furniture sitting in front of windows, or you do not often spend time looking at these areas of your apartment, you may not notice dust, crumbs, pet hair, dander, and other issues build up in the corners of the window trim. However, this is a quick job that you can tackle at least once a month.

Wipe Down Electronics

Over time, your TVs, computer screens, and other electronics can collect dust and fingerprints. While these screens are likely not always wiped down, it should be done at least once a month. When you notice any fingerprints on your screen, you may even just tackle these cleaning jobs right away, as it can be distracting to look at. Take a dusting rag to electronics like keyboards and remote controls often to remove any allergens.

Clean Your Trim

While this is not the most exciting cleaning job to tackle, you will want to wipe down your trim at least once every few months. If you keep things relatively clean, do not live with pets, and do not make large messes, you may be able to do this job only once every six months. Be sure that you take a bucket of warm water and a rag with you as you make your way through the apartment to clean all the trim.

Mop the Bathroom Floors

Many people likely mop their large areas, like kitchens or living spaces, but it can be easy to neglect smaller areas, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Take the time to deep clean the bathrooms floors so that you remove any of those tougher issues that do not easily wipe up with a paper towel.  This can also remove any water, grime, soap scum, and other common problems that can quickly build up in moisture-prone areas.

These are a few cleaning jobs that you will not want to forget to get your apartment sparkling clean. If you are looking for apartments in Fort Myers, FL, contact The Robert Apartment to schedule a tour today.

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