4 Tips for a Child Safety in an Apartment

4 Tips for a Child Safety in an Apartment

4 Tips for a Child Safety in an Apartment

Though there are potential child safety dangers anywhere you choose to live; apartments can be great places for kids to grow up. You want to keep your apartment safe if you have a young child at home. Accidents are bound to happen, and every child experiences a few bumps and bruises in their life, but there are ways to prevent the potential for more severe injuries. Experts from our apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL, offer the following tips for keeping your child safe in an apartment.

Manage sockets and cords

Property management companies usually control apartments, and they may not keep the building at the same level as your standards. Electrical sockets may be a significant concern when you live in an older apartment building, as the electrical infrastructure might be aged and unpredictable. Making your apartment electrocution-proof is essential when you have a little one at home, especially a toddler. Keep all electrical cords hidden from sight and secured to the wall when possible. Cover all unused sockets and make sure your child understands that they should never pull on cords or touch electrical sockets.

Secure doors and windows

Doors and windows are a safety risk for small children learning to walk and excited to explore the world around them. It is essential to take precautions to prevent accidents involving windows and doors. If you live above ground level in any building, ensure that any windows within your child's reach are equipped with a childproof lock. In addition, install screen and front door locks that are too high for your child to open independently. Bars and gates are great additional defense measures for an added level of safety.

If your apartment has a balcony, ensure that openings are adequately sealed with wood, gates, or netting. Also, be aware of patio furniture that your child can climb easily and keep it as far from the edge as possible. Your child should, under no circumstances, be left alone on the patio.

Secure medications, household chemicals, and plants

We all know that small children love exploring the world around them with their mouths. Though this is an instinctual action, it can put your child at risk. Keep all medications, household chemicals, and plants out of your child's reach. Some plants are toxic when ingested, so be sure to know the risk associated with your house plants. In addition, household chemicals should be out of your child's reach and kept in a childproof cabinet when not in use. Also, be on the lookout for chipping paint in your apartment, especially if it is old. You never want your child to ingest paint chips, especially lead-based ones. Talk to your landlord right away if you notice chipping paint in your unit.

Avoid strangers

Even when you teach your child to avoid strangers, this can be confusing in an apartment building. It is wise to introduce your child and yourself to all of your neighbors to help them understand the difference between neighbors and strangers. Teach your child that they are not allowed to go into a neighbor’s apartment without permission from you. Your child will probably like greeting building residents they see regularly, but teach them to be wary of people they do not know, even if they are in the building.

Use these tips to keep your child safe when living in an apartment. And call us today if you are looking for apartments for rent in Fort Myers, FL. We want to help you find your next home.

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