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How to Prioritize Cleaning Your Apartment

How to Prioritize Cleaning Your Apartment

How to Prioritize Cleaning Your Apartment

Are you struggling to keep your apartment clean?  Does your busy schedule impede you from getting a change to clean your apartment?  When you do not make time to keep your home clean, you will start to notice tasks pile up, smells start to form, and piles of garbage start to collect.  The more you neglect caring for your apartment, the more you will need to do to get it back in shape.  Even the busiest people at our apartments in Ft Myers, FL make time for their cleaning.  These are a few ways that you can prioritize the cleaning jobs and keep your space clean.

Make a Checklist

When you need to clean, you should take some time to make a checklist of tasks that you can complete.  By writing down a list of cleaning chores, you will be able to check them off as they go.  This way, you can get a few things done one day but still remember to finish the rest of the tasks another day.  If you are someone that wants to tackle the entire list in one day, set aside time to make sure you can get all the tasks done.

Make it Fun

Cleaning does not have to be boring.  Although it may not be exactly how you envision spending your evening or morning, you can still make it more enjoyable by adding a few fun touches.  Turn up the radio and dance to your favorite tunes as you vacuum or scrub.  Talk to your friends or family members on the phone while you are scrubbing the floors so that you can check in with them at home.  

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is also a way to make sure that you do not overwhelm yourself with too much cleaning.  When you have a long list of cleaning chores, be sure to give yourself some time to take breaks, get outside, eat meals, and just do something for you.  This can even mean sitting down to watch TV for a half hour while you wait for the dishwasher to finish its cycle.

Reward Yourself

After you are done cleaning, plan something fun to reward yourself for a job well done.  This can be a night out with your friends or coworkers, or it can be a night of getting takeout and renting a movie.  Choose something that makes you happy so that you can look forward to this activity when you are cleaning.

Start Small

Do not overwhelm yourself with the largest cleaning task first.  Instead, start small by choosing some small tasks that can have a big impact.  Fold and hang your laundry, put the pile of dishes in your dishwasher, and throw away any old or expired food from your fridge.  By starting small, you can prepare yourself for the harder cleaning jobs that are ahead of you.

Cleaning may seem like a burden when you have a full and busy schedule.  By making these changes, you can start to prioritize cleaning before it becomes an issue.  Contact us if you are looking for the right apartments in Ft Myers, FL to call home today.

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