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Five Apartment Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Five Apartment Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Five Apartment Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Space

When you move into a new apartment, you may need to consider everything from the type of furniture you want to buy to the style and aesthetic of your decorations.  At our apartments in Ft Myers, FL, we have spacious floor plans that make decorating much easier.  We also have many windows that allow natural light to flow through your spaces to provide you with a brighter space.  These are a few ways that you can use lighting to brighten up the space even more.

Use Less Furniture

To allow light to pass through each room of your apartment, you should not invest in a ton of bulky furniture.  These bulky pieces can actually block the natural flow of your apartment and keep light hidden in corners or trapped behind large pieces of furniture.  To allow more light to flow freely, consider open shelving storage, minimal furniture designs, and smaller pieces for your apartment.

Use Battery-Operated Candles

Candles are known to create ambience and set the mood in your home.  However, flame-burning candles also come with a safety hazard of an open flame.  To still get the benefits of a burning candle, there are many battery-operated candles that create a realistic looking flame without any of the dangers.  Consider investing in some of these candles to create a subtle ambience in your home after dark.

Use Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can help to illuminate the dark corners of your apartment, brightening the space and breathing life into forgotten areas of each room.  One of the best things about floor lamps is that they come in many styles and sizes, so you can search for the ones that match your overall aesthetic.  When you mix function and style, you can create unique spaces that add character without forgetting about what you truly need to make the space work.

Choose Bright Colors

When you are decorating your apartment, you need to select bright colors that will allow the entire space to feel fresh.  When you choose lighter shades, like yellows, bright blues, and whites, you will encourage more light to pass through your home.  Darker colors will make your space feel much smaller. Light colored blankets, throw pillows, and furniture can make any space feel bright.

Use White Lamp Shades

To brighten up the space even more, consider switching all your lamp shades to white shades.  Not only will this allow more light to flow through these areas, but they will also create a consistent theme throughout your home.  This consistency can make your home feel more welcome and inviting.

These are a few ways that you can encourage lighting to pas through your home and keep your apartment bright and fresh.  When you are looking for bright and spacious apartments in Ft Myers, FL, contact us to schedule a tour of our available units today.

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